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Region of Castles and Chateaus

Concealed among picturesque misty mountains, castle ruins stand proud, and towns, palaces, and parks abound with history. And are complemented by unique natural attractions.

Smolenice Castle is romantically nestled in an extensive English park with lush meadows. This original Czech Trade Route guard castle dates to the 14th century. The palace’s current appearance was fashioned by owner Jozef Pálffy in the late 19th century. He involved skilled craftsmen from Germany, Italy, Austria and Hungary – their vision for the reconstruction drew on medieval European architecture.

Western Slovakia’s only accessible cave – Driny – is near Smolenice Castle. It was first explored in 1929. During the cave tour, adults are enchanted by the beautiful stalactites and kids love the numerous low-flying bats. The area also has a beautiful karst formation – quite unique in Slovakia – called Elephant Ears.

If you love Habsburg history, then you’ll find Holíč town the perfect place to indulge your passion. Visitors will find baroque-classicist Holíč Palace absolutely stunning.

Its late Baroque appearance results from the reconstruction of the Renaissance anti-Turkish fortress into an attractive summer residence for the Habsburgs. The palace is surrounded by an impressive double system castle wall and moat.

The palace area also has a delightful garden with herb plantation, which can be visited separately. The ideal place to enjoy waterside rest, relaxation, and picnicking.

Slovakia even has its very own “Stonehenge”in Holíč in Záhorie region. A series of finely-worked cult stones – megaliths – decorated with ancient engravings that had a mythological function. The largest megalith measures a stunning 6.8 meters. The stones were discovered during the construction of Holíč residential estate in 1988. They were then moved and symbolically arranged into a sundial shape.

Close your eyes, dream, and be swept away by the beauty and long history of Hlohovec Palace. Wander the picturesque palace park to discover its attractive majesty. Over time, the 13th century medieval castle was repurposed into a stately residence. Relive silent witnesses of the illustrious past in the hunting lounge, Empire dining room, and old library.

The Gothic Dobrá Voda Castle ruin is in the central Little Carpathians above Dobrá Voda village in Trnava district. The guard castle dates to the 13th century, and its name is derived from the numerous nearby springs (Dobrá Voda = Good Water). Engulfed by fateful flames in the 18th century, the castle has remained an atmospheric ruin. Ruins such as this – as well as Korlátko, Pajštún, and Plavecký castles in the Little Carpathians – are slowly but surely succumbing to the rigours of nature. Explore these beguiling castles and palaces to relive their mysterious legends and tantalising tales.