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Region of Wine

Wine aficionados will love the Trnava region. Especially autumn’s wine festivals, fairs, and open-days of wine cellars. Expert winemakers provide authentic experiences with a truly memorable atmosphere. Every wine has a philosophy and narrative – explore the background and the taste. Wineries in Trnava and the locality have a family tradition: both those with a viticulture heritage centuries-long, and up-and-coming wineries new to the craft. Some even took inspiration from locals’ stories from the Little Carpathians – age-old memories infused with fresh life.

World-class wines are produced at the Mrva a Stanko winery. Craft masters, good friends. They produce complex, mostly varietal wines from the fifteen preferred varieties grown in the sunniest locations. Its reputation as “the most popular Slovak winery” is mainly the result of faithful admirers and enthusiastic lovers of quality wines. More info at:

Following the centuries-old viticulture tradition of the owners’ families, KARPATSKÁ PERLA is one of the leading wineries in Slovakia – as proven by being awarded Best Winery of the Year for two consecutive years. That’s where most wines with protected designation of origin also derive: the Jagnet, Carpathian Pearl, Varieto and cuvée 4 Elements collections. More info at:

The Terra Parna contemporary family winery is set amongst a beautiful vineyard’s picturesque green rows. This stylish winery building further complements the unique atmosphere. Suchá nad Parnou village and the Modrý Portugal variety have a long and illustrious history. And the family has proudly continued this tradition by planting this famous variety in their vineyards. More info at:

Magula family viticulture and winery creates natural wines from organic grapes grown in their own lovinglytendered vineyards. They produce their wines with respect, humility, and responsibility towards people and the environment. The brand-leading and exceptional Frankovka is perfectly accompanied by the joyful Portugal, the noble Veltlín, the playful Ružový vlk, the attractive new nobles Devín, Dunaj and Hron, and the exceptional cuvée Oranžový vlk. More info at:

The unique VÍNA Z MLYNA winery is one of the most sought-after in the Little Carpathians. This enchanting fairy-tale setting includes a 16th century mill that belonged to the Pálfi family, Counts of Červený Kameň. The current owners have implemented tasteful renovations, and produce authentic wines with a terroir taste. Rather than being processed during production, wines are allowed to explore their potential through natural maturation without acceleration. More info at: