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Region of Honey

Come and enjoy the Trnava region’s sweetness. Liquid gold – sweet, tasty, fragrant, and healthy honey. Honey is perceived as a superfood due to its unique natural composition. It strengthens the immune system, has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, and contains vitamins. Bee products – such as pollen, royal jelly and propolis – have great health benefits.

Trnava region is truly a region of honey. Family beekeeping thrives in villages and towns of all sizes, with bees being increasingly encouraged back to cities to boost the environment. You can enjoy first spring honey from the nectar of fruit trees, honey with a full and distinctive taste from oak or spruce honeydew, and fine honey from agate groves. Visit Včelco by Smolenice Castle to discover the sweet secrets of honey and mead production. More info at:

In Dolná Krupá – the place of the formation of Beethoven Moonlight Sonata – you’ll be welcomed by the unique Medolandia where honest beekeeping continues with love and respect for one of the world’s oldest crafts. At the stylish premises of Medovinoteka, you can sample and purchase your favourite mead and honey. More info at:

Apimed mead has won many Slovak and international (USA, Canada, South Korea, Argentina, Australia) awards. More info at:

The complex experience of getting to know the Trnava region clearly includes the story of not only a tasty but also a successful sweet speciality. We invite you to discover a fragrant Spit cake from Skalica.