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Region of Water and Healing Sources

Discover the spa town of Piešťany, world-famous for its healing geothermal water and sulfur mud. Easily accessible thanks to nearby Piešťany Airport. Fly into Piešťany and enjoy a short comfortable drive to Spa Island. This spa complex is one of Europe’s largest and most exceptional. Hot mineral springs (67 to 69°C) and sulfur mud have an extraordinary healing effect on inflammatory diseases due to extremely high content of sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, bromine, and magnesium.

Treat yourself to a unique mud bath and mirrors in the luxurious spa area. Hotel Thermia Palace is a renovated 1912 Art Nouveau gem, set in the picturesque surroundings of Spa Island. Relax in the hot healing water, apply mud wraps and procedures, and perfectly relax your mind, body and soul. Experience local healing mud that is unique both in Europe and globally.

Piešťany mud is a trademark protected designation of origin due to worldwide uniqueness. As such, it’s one of our oldest trademark designations (1967). This designation is registered in the Register of the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic, and its international protection continues.

Smrdáky are the popular health spa thanks to the exceptionally high content of hydrogen sulfide in the mineral water. Smrdáky is located in the northern part of the Trnava region.

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Other thermal springs are located in the south part where families with children enjoy them in aqua parks all the year. The local water also has beneficial effects on the locomotor system. The rarest liquid in its purest form can be found on Rye Island, which is the largest reservoir of drinking water in Europe. At the same time, it is the largest inland island on our continent, where the meander of the Danube offers unique experience of rafting the small arms of this European river.

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