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Region of History and Legends

Be enchanted by Trnava’s beauty and fascinating history. The beginnings of the first free royal city on the territory of today’s Slovakia date back to the 13th century. Discover historic streets interspersed with stories and legends, town houses, and city walls that still surround the historic city center like a mighty stone fortress. The Renaissance city tower with unique mechanical clockwork gives splendid views over the city. Baroque Trnava University enhances the atmosphere of a lively university town bustling with students. With its 11 churches (including two synagogues), Trnava is also widely known as Small (Slovak) Rome. A city tour with period-dressed guides is the perfect way to delve into the fascinating legends and see all the key sights.

The landscape of the Trnava region is beautified by architectural gems in the form of preserved manor houses with extensive English parks, which were once the seats and summer residences of important European aristocratic families. One of them – situated in Dolná Krupá only 13 km away from Trnava, enchanted even the great classical composer Ludwig van Beethoven.