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Family Experiences

The 11 best things to do in Trnava Region with kids

1. Get to know the life of bees

Bees play a crucial role in our ecosystem, and it’s never too early to start learning about them. That’s why workshops taking place in Smolenice, near Trnava, focusing on the life of bees and honey production. During these events, kids will have the opportunity to learn about the important role that bees play in pollinating flowers and producing honey, one of nature’s most delicious treats.

By participating in this workshop, children will not only gain a deeper understanding of the fascinating world of bees, but they’ll also learn important lessons about the natural environment and the role that each species plays in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Plus, they’ll get to taste the delicious reward of all the bees‘ hard work – honey.

2. Have fun in Aqua parks

Thermal springs are located in the south part of Trnava Region where families with children enjoy them in aqua parks all year. The rarest liquid in its purest form can be found on Rye Island, which is the largest reservoir of drinking water in Europe. Recreational resorts in Dunajská Streda and Veľký Meder offer quality services and perfect relaxation for all ages.

Both resorts feature indoor and outdoor pools for swimming and relaxation in all seasons. Thermal water is not only ideal for relaxation but also has beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system. The little ones can have a great time in the kids‘ pools with fun slides, the bigger ones can enjoy the water tower with toboggans. There are also diving pools and swimming pools for active people.

3. Enjoy the Váh River on a raft

Discover the beauty of nature from a cruise on the river Váh. The rafting trip organizers have created routes for not just water adrenaline enthusiasts, but also for families with children and all those who want to relax in Trnava Region while still having fun on the water and experiencing something new. The professional guide will take care of everything. Rafting is accessible in an inflatable or plastic canoe or raft, as well as on a paddleboard.

4. Find stunning views by bike

Trnava Region is rich in cycling opportunities for everyone. Easier routes such as the circuit around Sĺňava near the spa town Piestany can be done by families with children, and more demanding cyclists can go to the surrounding countryside. Lovers of adrenaline rides will enjoy the hill above Piešťany called Ahoj, where a bike park with tracks of varying difficulty is situated. Several locations in southern Slovakia will also satisfy the desire of anyone who prefers the flat, picturesque dam reservoir cycle trails running along the Danube. One of them is EuroVelo 6 well-known international cycle trail linking 10 countries over 3,653 kilometers. If adventure is what you seek, then visit the cycle trail winding through the Little Carpathians.

5. Get to know Trnava as the kings experienced it

Trnava is a unique town in Slovakia, and therefore it deserves the opportunity to be experienced not only as a cultural town but also as a beautiful collection of sights thanks to which it is called Little Rome. Experience a return to the past and get to know medieval Trnava. Set out with us on a journey of exploring the royal town. As part of the tours beginning at the Town Tower, you will gradually move to some of the town’s most important sacral or secular sights, you will receive a comprehensive explanation by a professional guide in a period costume and get to know Trnava as the kings used to experience it.

6. Discover Little Carpathians treks

Trails in Little Carpathians near Trnava are family-friendly thanks to the small elevation and a well-prepared network of tourist signs. The marking of tourist routes is part of the cultural heritage of Slovakia. So it is one of the must-see things in this beautiful mountain country.

One of the easiest treks in Little Carpathians suitable for kids is the Molpír loop near Smolneice Castle. It takes just one hour to complete it, but this trip is full of interesting experiences.

The Molpír Hillfort is an archaeological site, a former settlement in the earlier Iron Age, the Hallstatt Age. There were also Celts and Slavs living here, which means the Molpír is one of the oldest hillforts in Slovakia. In addition to its historical significance, Molpír is also a popular spot for picnicking. Whether you’re interested in history, and nature, or simply taking in the stunning views, a visit to Molpír near Smolenice is sure to be a memorable experience.

7. Solve a mystery of the Mighty Belt

With your mobile phone in your hand, you will wander the romantic streets of Trnava, visit the colorful sculptures in the fortification, and discover the historical milestones of the famous royal city. The game The Mighty Belt is far from a boring history textbook. A thrilling story with puzzles and tasks lures children into adventure from the very beginning. There is no lack of humor and cheerful illustrations because the Middle Ages were not dark at all, as they say, but full of colors.

8. Visit family festivals

During the summer season is Trnava Region full of events for families with children. One of them is Lestival, which takes place annually in a large park near Manor House Dolná Krupá. This event is designed to be a magical and imaginative experience, with a focus on fairy tales and fantastic creatures.

At Lestival, visitors are transported into a world of wonder surrounded by colorful characters, such as fairies, dragons, and unicorns. There are various activities and shows throughout the day, including magic shows, and storytelling sessions.

9. Climb in Outdoor Rope Centre

Prepare an afternoon full of exercise and fun for your children at Trnava Outdoor Rope Centre. You can also take the youngest with you. Rope obstacles for children are suitable for children from three years of age and are fixed by a safety net. Older children can choose from less demanding up to the most complex attractions. All activities are supervised by professionally trained instructors. Enjoy a lot of adrenaline and fun in the fresh air.

10. Play the Laser Game

Heroes Laser Arana in Trnava offers several original elements, well-designed and high-quality obstacles, as well as a really large selection of music that you can choose for your game. Thanks to continuous improvement and an innovative approach, it is one of the most modern arenas in Europe. The arena has special obstacles, holographic mirrors, perfect surround sound, professional game equipment, and operators who will guide you through the game. There is also a Game room with PS4 consoles and a bar.

11. Feet cute creatures in Malkia Park

Many species of the felid family (lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, lynxes, bobcats, cougars, cheetahs) have found their home in Malkia Park in southern Slovakia. In the park, you can get to see gibbons, capuchin monkeys and lemurs, parrots, meerkats, or turtles close up. You can pet the ungulates (zebras, camels, donkeys, sheep, goats, lamas), rabbits, kangaroos, silkies, and peacocks. You can also feed these creatures with food that animal handlers provide. Every day in the park brings new experiences. Come and see what goes on behind the scenes in the daily work of caring for the animals, watch their extraordinary rituals up close, and discover the hidden places of Malkia Park.